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    Strippers and the Bachelor Party have a long-standing relationship. Throwing lavish bachelor parties is something of a tradition in New York City (especially Manhattan). Its a very male-oriented weekend, so the guys want to go all out for fun. --- 917-449-2727


    In the bachelor party business these days an important thing is the fan base. You really have to build a referral base by creating fans from entertaining them exceptionally well at previous lap dancing New York City MANHATTAN bachelor parties. This kind of party night is about guys who wanna have a kick out time like they were back in college and raising heck for the whole evening. With this all-American spirit of revelry in mind, (adult entertainment fantasies of gorgeous "Strippers NYC" crawling all over you naked as they lap dance you), one planning a party seeks the best fun they can get. * Private Lap Dance NYC *


    If you've ever been to so called gentlemen’s clubs, NYC strip clubs before-you know that despite the fact they are teeming with exotic dancers, their format is trite and tired, like going to the drive thru at a fast food restaurant; they hustle you trying to provoke a big money drop from your credit card, and what is going to happen to you there is so predicable, its hard to feel the trip is an adventure. Plus the game at New York City strip clubs is so old and tired, the strippers in that environment are jaded and no longer into giving you a great fun. They just want your money, fast and easy. Give a little, take a lot. They seem disinterested in you. They look as if they’d rather have have after school detention than speak to anyone other than each other. Sure you can drink and get buzzed -- but a new kind of adventure you will n-o-t have. Realizing that... a smart fella planning a bachelor party seeks a private adult entertainment alternative. Maybe a Strip Club To Go (and a better one). Does that exist? --- 917-449-2727


    Often there are a fair amount of out-of-towners coming to your party (be it bachelor party, a guy's all men birthday party, or a March Madness or St. Patrick's party). If the incoming guests are only in town for a few days they want to have a big and memorable experience.

    Talking to friends who had been in the same role, bachelor party planning for friends, I got three telling me the same thing: Contact Centerfold Stars METROPARTIES ["ModelsToGo"], (917-449-2727), and do a Sexy Club Crawl, Wicked Pub Crawl NYC. I was like - what is that?


    They told me its way better than hanging out at a club with dancers and concierge bottle service in the VIP lounge at one of the NYC Manhattan strip clubs. First of all the strippers at clubs cannot be as uninhibited and wild (or fully nude) whereas in a private party off club premises they can. In fact they in private they cannot only do fully nude friction lap dancing but also explicit girl on girl hot erotic "Strippers NYC" lesbian shows. Now that's exciting. * Find Me Bachelor Party Strippers in NYC New York City * Private Lap Dance NYC *


    If you are doing a bachelor party and want dancers, certainly you have them come to your party room locations. And the Centerfold Stars models-dancers do go to party rooms, apartment, home, hotel, yacht, whatever. But our exotic specialty, what we are wickedly well known for is parties on wheels, mobile parties in long elegant stretch limos and swank luxury NYC party buses. With the vehicles you can take strippers naked with you around town (Manhattan) or to Atlantic City New Jersey. Whatever you have in mind and have the zest to pay for. (And by the way they also have service branches in Las Vegas, Miami, Philadelphia, and London UK)...


    So I took the "NYC Bachelor Party" reviews-recommendations on faith in my friends and booked a Sexy Club Crawl - Wicked Pub Crawl. We began enjoying the night's planned package with having a terrific steak dinner at a fun spot. We were also given an open bar ticket not only for dinner but several hours, and extending to multiple venues around New York City (Manhattan NYC). And now here's the big juice, we also had with us on our custom NYC party bus, absolutely luscious naked lap dancing private strippers - who definitely were much more hot contact sexy friction dancing wild than you would get at any club. Plus they did girl on girl steamy lesbian show strippers action. Very hot stuff. Not only erotic and sexy but also they were genuinely friendly and fun. We had quite a blast. --- 917-449-2727


    So I am added to their New York City fan base (for their style of "NYC Bachelor Party") and can sincerely recommend them. Try it and be very pleasantly surprised. Manhattan Centerfold Stars Bachelor Party Strippers... This is the good stuff, the high life nightlife, for a bachelor parties, body sushi dinner, poker party, fantasy football nite or by the way, you can just do boys nite out impulse fun, in a limo or party bus. The girls are ultra hot (best strippers I've experienced for lapdancing zest) and the fun is memorable. Its is a Strip Club To Go nite at the top quality level. And the party packages they offer for dinner and open bar access to clubs/pubs are sensible and well thought out. So go with confidence into a convo with them. Their phone number is 917-449-2727. Private Lap Dance NYC.


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